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As well as offering boarding for dogs, we offer some training courses.

  • Basic: This course deals with obedience and helps train your dog to obey simple commands. It also trains you in the best way to handle them and any issues.
  • Difficult Dogs: Usually, when a dog is difficult it’s for a reason. They just don’t know better, they’ve been badly trained, or maybe they’ve been mistreated. Our staff are trained at handling dogs like this and will help you learn how to deal with their behaviors.
  • Agility: This course is great for giving your dog a workout, increasing their obedience, and possibly even getting them ready to compete in competitions.
  • Advanced Agility: If your dog has participated in Agility courses before, it might be time to sign them up for this! If your dog is at this level, we offer personalized training to get them ready to compete in local dog shows.