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Caring for homeless dogs

Part of what we do at our kennel involves looking after homeless dogs. Some of them are the sweetest dogs you can imagine, and it hurts to imagine them in the overcrowded situations you can find at many shelters – especially ones which have a policy of killing animals they don’t think are likely to get adopted. Sometimes they kill dogs for really minor issues, like our dog Star. She came to us via a shelter when a volunteer reached out and let us know that she was going to be put down. The problem was, she wasn’t good with children. At some point, a family had been quite cruel to her, probably when she was a puppy, and she just didn’t trust children. She expected them to hurt her, take her food and toys, etc.

How is Star now? She’s great. She loves to play with the other dogs, and only rarely has any issues with guarding her toys and food, always when she’s already stressed. She loves kids as long as they’re gentle, and a couple of the local kids are always dropping in to see her and tell her what a good girl she is.

There are also some dogs with health issues that shelters just don’t see as “worthwhile”. Scamp is a perfect example. We think he’s a border collie/Husky mix, and he’s just gorgeous… but he also has diabetes. Some of the donations we get as a kennel go to his medication and vet visits. It’s well worth it because he’s one of the most loving dogs we have. Whenever a new dog is anxious, Scamp’s right there to reassure them, whether that means playing with them or just curling up for a doggie cuddle.

Our biggest success story is Sandy. She’s a big dog, so it would’ve hurt your heart to see her the way she was when she arrived – totally bedraggled, mistreated, and so shy she wouldn’t let any of us touch her. She was a young dog then, and luckily she’s grown out of the mistreatment – she’s a beautiful dog and while she tends to be possessive over her toys and food, so we feed her separately and keep an eye on her when she plays with the other dogs, considering her background she’s a very social animal.

If you know of or run a local shelter which would like to have a relationship with us to help with capacity problems, please get in touch. We don’t want to see any dogs in bad conditions or put down for things that aren’t their faults. We owe Man’s Best Friend better than that!