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About us

We are a small kennel, though we are hoping to expand in the near future. We have housing for thirty dogs at the moment, but we’re planning to scale up as we get more customers and supporters. We would like to thank some of our current supporters which include a top broker ainvestmentsSlots and Stripes Ltd., Mr green B.V. and Jackpot 6000 A/S. 

At the moment, about half of our capacity is available for people to board their dogs in the short term while they go on holiday, while we have some long term residents who are looking for a home! We’re a small team, but we really love dogs and our kennel is scrupulously clean, well ventilated and heated, with an outside play area to make sure all the dogs get a chance to exercise and play. Some of our staff are trained in dealing with difficult cases as well, so if you have a dog who is particularly shy or has guarding issues, we are equipped to take care of them. We might even be able to help train them out of bad habits!